About us.

Book Your Billboard is a local, innovative, out-of-home media company based in South Dakota. We fully understand consumer interaction in the digital age, and our creative team is known for developing successful advertising strategies for our clients.

We’re always on the lookout for software development opportunities and territory growth, and our solid, Midwest work ethic sets us apart from the rest. Book Your Billboard works one-on-one with companies to develop innovative advertising campaigns that make a difference. 

We’re local! 

Book your billboard is a local billboard company taking over the midwest, one billboard at a time. 

We’ll help you bypass the congestion and information overload of traditional platforms, and develop a campaign to send out fresh, up-to-the minute messages to your customers, when and where they will actually receive them: In the car, on the road.




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The Book Your Billboard Difference

Your ads will be placed on the major travel corridors and busy streets your customers use as they commute back and forth to work, run errands or attend events. With digital billboard advertising, your message will be where your audience is, when they are least distracted, and when they are most likely to consider making purchases.

Adding a countdown ticker to your digital billboard is a great way to build excitement for an upcoming event, such as a concert, store opening or the launch of a new product line. The count can be displayed down to the second, and will update each time your ad slides into place.

Let your target audience do the marketing! Book Your Billboard will download content from your online presence, such as a website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, and upload it to your digital billboard-live, as it happens. It’s a great way to make your fans feel invested in your future and develop a loyal following.

Our digital billboards allow you to adapt your message to the weather, time of day, traffic flow, or outcome of the local football game! For example, Book Your Billboard can monitor local weather conditions and activate fitting promotions, making it possible to advertise windshield wipers when a rain shower passes through, electric fireplaces when it’s snowing, or jet skis and fishing boats a hot summer day.
Because you’re in charge, you have the capability to bypass printing and installation costs, and change your digital ad whenever you like—monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or as life happens. In real time, we can utilize RSS feeds; anything live online can be displayed on your digital billboard, including time and temperature, game scores, trending news, Amber Alerts and more.
Book Your Billboard can work with you and other nearby businesses to combine forces to create a digital billboard campaign that draws customers through your doors. Tag-team advertising is a great way to save money with a one-two punch, and attract multiple people to the same general area at the same time.

Cooperative advertising provides small businesses an opportunity to pump up their advertising budget. What happens in this situation is that retailers place local ads and share the cost with wholesalers or manufacturers. Manufacturers usually budget an annual amount of cooperative advertising dollars to ensure product awareness, yet many of them admit that much of this money is left untouched, because relatively few retailers pursue the opportunity or fail to fulfill the details of the agreement.

Generally, cooperative advertising requires that the retailer provide proof to the manufacturer or wholesaler that their product was, indeed, advertised in order to receive reimbursement. The required proof is a simple photograph. Book Your Billboard has a digital web camera taking pictures of your ads as they run, and we will email screenshots of these images to you at your request, so you can submit proof to the manufacturer and be reimbursed for a portion of your advertising costs.

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